A collection of signs I've been recently making

Hey all! I’ve been having fun making some quote/signs lately so I thought I would share. I did all these on my 55w laser from OMTech
All of them designed on Lightburn!


Fantastic technique and artwork.

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Good Work!

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Very creative!

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They look amazing, can I ask what materials you’re using?
Is that actual mirrored glass or some sort of plastic?


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Nice creative eye and executed with great detail. Very nice all the way around. :slight_smile:

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I use acrylic mirror on a lot of them. It’s a pretty fun material which makes any sign really pop. You have to engrave/cut from the back of that material but other than that it uses the same settings as any other acrylic or 1/8" wood.


That’s really good work. Thanks for sharing your ideas .
How do you hook them on walls especially those with 1/8" ply sheets ? Do you have key slot holes on back ?

Actually I just use the 3m sticky pull tab things instead of nails. They work great and don’t leave holes! Lol

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1 word “Fantastic”

Thank you! :grinning:

Some great work there. Well done.

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Wow! That’s the thing I lack, is creativity like that! Those look amazing!