A couple of possible bugs

these would seem to be bugs in that I can’t get them to work as documented.

  1. The saved position function does not work if there is only one entry. Add a second entry and it works.

  2. The Show Last Position function does not update. Move the laser to home with the option turned on and th red dot does not move, jog the laser any direction and it does not move, turn it off and on and it stays in the same place.

This is running LB 1.0.0 on a MacBook Pro/Mojave/RDL-4040 Laser/Ruida controller

Thank you for reporting this. Have a look through this post and see if this resolves your issue. Please update us as to how you progress. You also have the option to roll back a version, as discussed in the thread. :slight_smile:

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Is this regarding the Show Last Position problem?

Not directly - it’s related to a communication issue between MacOS and Ruida controllers over USB. Are you connected with USB?

Are you jogging the laser with the buttons on the laser itself, or in LightBurn? (if jogging on the laser itself, the position doesn’t update automatically)

I have verified that even with a single entry in the ‘Saved Positions’ list, if you click that single entry, it does work. If you click it a second time, you’re already in that position, so it doesn’t move, which is expected.

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Oz, I am using the Ethernet connection and not USB. Is this problem mentioned above also present using Ethernet LAN?

I have problem with LB when try to burn some file says error machine is bisy or paused, when try to red machine setings LightBurn say error comunication with controller. I am using iMac OScx Catalina 10.15.7 version, and LightBurn last version. Any soultion to fix dhis problem.
P.S. Sorry for my English…

It shouldn’t be, no. Are you using a wired network cable, or WIFI?

We’ve just released a patch (1.0.01) that should fix this.

I am using USB cable … I will try a new version LightBurn. Thank you for your prompt response

I still have the same problem with all the patches. I use laser MIRA 5 with a 644xs ruida controller and it is connected to a Mac via a usb connection. Mac OSx Catalina 10.15.7. The machine simply stops in the middle of work. When I try to restart LB it says the machine is busy or stopped. On version 0.9.24 everything works normally I have to mention that

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