A couple questions about image shape properties

Hello Forum,

I’ve been messing around a lot recently with image engraving, and I’m wondering a couple things.

  1. I’ve been cropping outside of Lightburn in GIMP, is there a native way to crop images? It’s not a big deal to crop in another piece of software, but it’d be awesome to work solely in Lightburn.

  2. Is there a way to save shape properties for images? If not is there a way to copy/paste properties like you can with cut settings?

The new halftone dithering is pretty nice btw, getting nice results on tiles, kudos to the Lightburn folks!



Thank you for your kind words. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. Please post some results in the Finished Creations section when ready. We love seeing the results of everyone’s hard work.

Not currently, but it is planned to happen in the next release or two.

To be clear, the changes you make to an image are saved with the project. As for quickly applying settings to another image, these settings are not persistent at this point, you are correct. Additionally, there are no Copy/Paste controls in that UI either as you can see at this point. The system-wide Copy and Paste provided by your OS works but understand this is not ideal. I will make a note for the dev team to evaluate supporting this use-case.

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Thanks for the feedback Rick, at least I know I’m not missing something obvious now. Cropping (I think) would be great, the image properties stuff would just be icing!


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