A few earring designs

A few quick knock out projects…



Very nice! The 3 crosses looks extremely fragile to me.

Your horse design immediately made me think of a friend’s daughter that loves horses, so I knocked out a pair for her real quick. i had to run to Michael’s to get clip on hardware because she doesn’t have pierced ears.

I’m going to do something similar to your sunflower design as well. I love when people show their creations, it often gives me inspiration for my own variation.

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Awesome! I am grateful to know that you took inspiration from my humble effort. My wife is working on some more finishing touches with her pyrography burner, so more to follow.

The media is by Romark and available from Johnson plastic products for about 12.00 per 12"x12" sheet. I am looking at about 20 pairs per sheet. Not expensive by any means.

Rowmark ColorShop® Wood (jpplus.com)

The crosses set is a bit fragile to squeeze pressure. Most earrings do not have high shear strength needs, though.

When you get some more ready to show, post some photos!!

Blast! I missed the hanger holes…

Rowmark ColorShop® Wood (jpplus.com)

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I’ve done a few pairs in clear acrylic, hadn’t thought about using Rowmark. I’ll have to give that a whirl. I have some various sample sizes which would be perfect for earrings.Thanks for the ideas.

I hav a 10w diode laser. At 1200mm/min and 80% power, I need 9-12 passes to cut through cleanly depending on wood color and focus depth.

The engrave layer is 1900 @ 40% x2 passes, iirc

A few more from yesterday, simulated leather work

These look really nice! Please consider sharing them in the official LightBurn Show & Tell Facebook Group.

You are welcome to share the photos. I do not have facebook… for a variety of reasons. I do have instagram - @ kokopelli.laser.

I am pleased that you enjoy my work.