A few NWT etched framed tile trivets

Just thought I’d post a few photos of some 6" x 6" tiles I use to perfect my library settings for etching tiles.

These are the standard inexpensive white tiles sold at home centers. I used the NWT method with titanium dioxide powder, PVA glue, water, and a small amount of hand soap.

The TiO2 “paint” was applied with a foam brush. Images burned with a Ortur LM3 at 30% power, 10mm/sec.

Frames are oak.


Did you make the frames?

Still trying to get a good image with the NWT…

I think the issue is coverage/thickness…

Looks good… I particularly like the road runner :crazy_face:


Thanks Jack!
I made the frames, my “real” hobby/profession is woodworking, the laser is just a new tool :wink:

At first I had trouble with the NWT method and coverage until I really cranked up the amount of TiO2 powder. Once I did that, I found the mix proportions were no longer critical, just reduce viscosity enough to get an even coating.

How much did you ‘crank up the TiO2’?

I’ve been using LBT100 spray for stainless mugs, tiles and glass.

I have a cat that I did the other day with LBT100 on a 6x6" tile

Here’s the orginal if you want to play with it…

Used passthrough …

The frames do look hand made… very nice job…


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Thanks Jack!

I about doubled the amount. Stirred with a tongue depressor.
The photo etch looks great, very crisp. I haven’t tried any photos, just the B/W line art. Someday hopefully I’ll get around to trying it soon!

I will give it a shot… I’d be nice to have an option of what to use…

The only drawback with the LBT100 is the cost… Works well and washes off with water…

Didn’t work too well with the led laser… but I haven’t tried too hard with it…


Yeah, I remember people saying it was expensive, but ouch!

I could be inclined to use it for the photos however, getting a good grau scale image is 50% materials, 50% magic :slightly_smiling_face: