A few questions about the editor

I was wondering when it is a node you insert is able to snap to an intersection? I think what I am seeing is that if 2 shapes intersect, the node will snap, but when a single line is drawn to intersect, the node will not snap?

Also is there a way to change a shapes dimension just on one end, like you do when you drag its handle, but with the accuracy of entering the new dimension in the shapes width field?

And finally, in what circumstances do I want to use close path and auto join shapes? I seem to have a lot of trouble getting open shapes to properly close. If I draw a few shapes and break them up, then try to connect them by dragging and snapping, I often have to go to nodes, drag them away from where they were seemingly connected then drop them back onto the same spot, then the lines will join.

I couldn’t get any insert to snap, except from current nodes, or halfway points between nodes. That didn’t work on straight lines. I think you meant like this?

Changing dimensions is easy, and uses this 3x3 set of radio buttons to pick where it’s expanding from.

I tested those two functions out and neither did anything for me. “Close selected paths with tolerance” was the most useful function and works as expected. Though 100mm upper limit seems low.

Ah excellent, I thought those radio buttons were just for rotation!

hmm, yeah now it seems like the nodes dont want to snap at all. I swear I come across instances were they will snap to an intersection. But I guess I could have imagined it :stuck_out_tongue:

Auto join shapes only seems to work if end points are snapped together. For example if i was to drag a line and snap it to another, I would then hit join. Stll not sure what Close path is for. I think it bridges verrrry small gap.

As a side question, What do you use to cut an mark images like the one in your screenshots Blake?

Oh, the screen capture stuff? That’s built in windows 10, called the snipping tool. I think they’re changing it to something new actually, but I’m resisting the change.

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This is correct. There’s also ‘Close paths with tolerance’ that has a slider and is interactive. It doesn’t join disconnected shapes though, so if you have two paths like this:


“Close Paths” would do this:

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