A few suggestions that may do great to lightburn

Hello there. I am from turkey and i have a 50w laser thats software is made by a turkish programmer. When it came first time almost 15 years ago, we talked a lot back and forth until we made the program as we pleased. And we still use it now. I will write down everything in it that lightburn doesnt have. I hope they are doable to lightburn too.

  1. logging system for each file with date time and count even it is imported dxf plt or ai file and unsaved, you can see every detail what you did with that file.
  2. seperate highlight buttons for frame, hull and contour which wont popup the F1 popup window but light the red light and able to live size change while red light on.
  3. ability to add pause/wait for pedal or timer between two/more files/vectors to be able to double side marking or a cube marking one go. You can put pause/wait between sublayers
  4. this is a seperate suggestion: please put the counter somewhere else that we can manually reset.
    I used to in ezcad to see the overall cout while i was doing hundreds of differet type work and always needed to change the vector size. Now When i hit esc accidently i loose the count.

I won’t be adding these to the main window, because the pop-up window is what handles all the cursor movement (nudge). It will eventually handle re-size of the artwork using PgUp and PgDown from this window.

Pauses are planned. I’m not sure yet about pedal interaction or waiting for a port input. That’s going to take a bit of thought to figure out how to work it into the app.

I’m likely to leave it where it is, but just remember the count when the window closes so you can get it back. Adding things to the main window display takes space, and we already get complaints from users with poor resolution laptops.

The idea is reseting manually. You can leave it as is but at least let us reset it manually. Even we hit esc then f1 again count stays same. We manually reset when we start a new job

This is done for the next update. (though it doesn’t update the counter unless the framing window is open)

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