A generic question about MDF

I’m wanting to do some layered work. I found this.

Is pretty much MDF the same except the thickness? I bought some off of Amazon and it has “kind of” a shiny / smooth side.


What are my chances that the MDF from MakerStock will be similar to the Amazon stuff?


About 50-50, to be exact. You can find variability in materials from the same source, brand, and even from the same lot number (stack of sheets).

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Thanks… Mike

Not going to be a great expense. Only buying 5 24x24 pieces first off.

Just don’t want nothing ROUGH on either side…

I hate Amazon, but use them because returns are so easy. Good luck with your purchases.

I’ve only ever used thick (3/4”) MDF from the home improvement store and it’s always been smooth both sides. Some of the paneling and countertop products are also technically MDF and some of them have extremely rough backsides, but they’re also sorta pre-finished and not meant for the backside to ever be exposed.

Makerstock is a dependable source, Amazon less so.

I’ve been working my way through a big box of MDF cutoffs from an Amazon source (which has since disappeared) and a stack of large MDF sheets from Makerstock with equally good results.

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Thanks Ed.

I left a message with Maker Stock, asking them to contact me about their MDF product. Just crickets so far. I’ll probably go with it, since it’s not going to be hundreds of dollars anyway.

I recently read a posting in another forum on something called TruFlat that might be interesting. A little pricey, but good for the more upscale projects.