👀 A laser cutters best friend of a website CHECK IT OUT - Boxes.py


Create boxes and more with a laser cutter!

Boxes.py is an Open Source box generator written in Python. It features both finished parametrized generators as well as a Python API for writing your own. It features finger and (flat) dovetail joints, flex cuts, holes and slots for screws, hinges, gears, pulleys and much more.



Great resource!

Works well, but had a few things I had to fix in Lightburn. Built a cover for the stereo and a holder for my old ‘China Bridge’ :rofl:


Yes a very good program. I like the test to determine the cuit width and set up to get a perfect fit. Here is a trinket box I made for my wife using this programme.


Beautiful work, thank you for sharing!

One of the great LB great users has made a plug-in that works with boxes.py

@HalfNormal that is awesome! Would it be cool if some of these features were to make it to some future version of Lightburn @LightBurn i mean we already have changing kerf dimensions @. Lightburn is the GOAT :goat:.


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