A little confused by camera selection

just want to make sure I’m right. I have a 1000X600 So… the open door to the bed is 101cm so…1000mm/.825= 1212mm so thats no good 1000mm/1.4=714mm so that means I should order the 90 degree camera???

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now I’m reading posts that say the 120 degree would be better for larger machines, this goes against the math on the camera page

hmmmm, guess it doesnt matter anyway, out of stock

The 90 might be better in terms of field of view from your chosen mounting point, but if you mount high above the bed, the 90 and 60 degree lenses have a hard time focusing on the whole thing - they’re better suited to shorter mounting distances. I have new cameras coming any day now (they were supposed to arrive on Thursday, but tariffs add delays to every shipment, and we had to redirect the delivery because of the delay. As part of this shipment, I have a bunch of 8mp cameras with better optics that would likely be better suited to your machine.


thanks Oz, I’ll be waiting patiently

I will be interested in buying one with the better optics.

I see 90’ are back in stock - Are these the ones with a flatter field for larger machines?

Is there a suggested size for the K40 (300x200)?

This will depend on your mounting location as described here:

You can use this post from one of our users to double-check your math:

No, not yet - Those will be in a different category, and marked as such. I still need to get them mounted, tested, and measured, so they’ll be a little bit yet.

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