A little slate as under glass

What grit would return the surface to black?

i think i will try with a 600 or an 800

I dont think you need to go as fine as 600. Anything you do will leave you with a grey surface, so you dont likely need much finer than 220 or 320. After that give it a coat of clear stain finish from Tremclad or Varathane, I think that will bring it back to black for you, plus the clear coat gives you a higher contrast when burning anyway, I always use do that. Clear coat after burning does remove a bit of the contrast you just gained, so it depends on what use the tile is being put to as to whether or not you want a second clear coat. I find that high gloss takes away from the impact of the burn, so satin is my preferred finish. This info was posted on the ortur user group by another fellow but I never followed it up. I do have some tiles that could be re-used I just havent got to it yet.

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do you say this one?

Ok i used an orbital sander with 215 grit and this is the result

Before was like this

I collect a lot of stones from beaches, sand them down and then varnish them with a decent hardwearing varnish.

How long did it take to sand off the design?

about 30mins, but was difficult cause the slate is smaller than the orbital… and i also sand a couple of fingers…

LOL! Yeah, I know that feeling!

Thanks for the info!

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The water based is ok, but the polyurethane comes in a spray can. The spray goes on much thinner. If you use the water based, then apply it with a very fine, white foam roller. The rollers are 4" wide and about 1" in diameter. The upside of that is that you can wash out the roller with soap and water as soon as you’re finished and re-use the roller many times.

That tile came out really nice. When you sand things like that, get yourself a sanding mat, they’re usually made from silicone. Lay it on the workbench and place your workpiece on it and sand away, they dont slip around and you dont wear down your fingers. Even using a rubber shelf liner, or the rubber liners they have for tool boxes will work not too bad, but the silicon is the best. Here’s a link on Amazon for that type of product… https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=woodworking+sanding+mats&ref=nb_sb_noss

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i found it on amazon.it with the name of the seller “hemobllo”

Those mats are designed for sanding woodworking projects and they can also be used to secure a piece of wood that needs to be cut with a router all around the edges, providing you’re only taking a light cut for a chamfer or something like that. Heavy router work should be clamped so it cannot move.

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I use Plasticraft spray. But i have found any reputable brand works well. I tried a cheap brand and it was garbage.

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