A little teaser for an upcoming feature

(Oz) #1

The next release is almost ready, and this won’t make the cut, but I thought it was cool enough to post a little teaser:

(barrie williams ) #2

looks great!!!

fantastic work Oz

thank you.

(Bernd ) #3

this is great work !!!, now there is almost no wish left :wink:

(Bill Carruthers) #4

Another step on the road to global domination!! Oz you just keep making Lightburn better and better.-Brilliant stuff - soon won’t be any things left to request!

(Joseph Shawa) #5

If that was a TEASER then what the heck is the MOVIE gonna look like ???

(Josh Creswell ) #6

So text along path will not be in the next update?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #7

Yes, that is correct.

(Oz) #8

Correct - It’s not ready yet. The core bits are working, but there are a lot of details to fill in, like loading & saving, what happens if you delete the path, scale the text object, and so on.

(Theunis vd Merwe) #9

Who hooo!!! Super nice!!! Cannot wait :slight_smile: