...a modified "Franz Jäger"

The kids love it and I am again impressed with the options I have with my little K40 and HDF.
The small gears are relatively hard when cut, more stable as MDF and even the smallest parts do not fringe out at the edges.
I have found a small supplier who delivers the plates to size (320x230) for USD1.38 each. Sometimes I also pick up whole plates and saw them out myself, so of course they get cheaper.

6 mm/s, 23% -ca.7mA, 2 passes

… by the way, the original design is not mine, but violently modified by me with LigtBurn :wink:


WOW! I love this. I’ll need to figure out how to get that project file from you. I’d love to make one of these.

Yes, I am very impressed too, that is something for my grandchildren, great work Bernd

…this is the big one I made, deb is filled with candy and it is locked in!