A new generator for boxes.py to store cans

I have finished a new configurable box generator for Florian Festi’s boxes.py: a storage solution for cans (or other cylindical objects):

It works also for smaller objects:

There are several configurable parameters for adjusting the output to ones need:

I also implemented a new fill feature for cutouts which can be implemented in future box generators:

You can choose between horizontal or vertical bars (horizontal bars is shown in the preview pictures above), but there are also the possibility for cutouts in different patterns (hex, square or random) and different hole shapes (round, triangle, square, hexagon or octagon)…

triangles in a hex patern

round in a random pattern

The generator is availble on GitHub and will be soon online at Boxes.py


Hi, can you give the link please on Github? Thx.

It is online!

Florian updated boxes.py yesterday.

Here is the direct link to the can storage generator and here the link to the official Github repository.