A new gnerator for boxes.py to make a bookend, a hanging shelf, an angle clamping jig and many more

This is a new generator for Florian Festis Boxes.py to create half a box:

You can use it to create:

and many more…

There are several configurable parameters for adjusting the output to ones need:

The generator can be found at: https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/HalfBox, the sources are available on Github.


Hi, please can you explain how to use the sources? They locally on a PC?

In general I use Florians server if I am not developing new generators as I use Windows only and its the most convinient way for me to use it…

There is a documentation for installation on the local PC: Installation — boxes.py 0.1 documentation

As alternative to Florians server you can also start your own server on your local PC by running the “boxesserver” file in the script folder. But this requires some basic knowledge of Python installation and usage…