A new guy here, only had my orture LM2 for a month or so

a few items i have made for family and friends.


Hi @Island7909-today

Nice work.

Could you indicate what parameters you have passed to the laser (speed/power/passes) to engrave on cardboard without it burning?

Thank you very much for showing your work. :hugs:

I have the ortur laser master 2 20w (5-5.5 out)
I use 20-25mms at 20% power
20mms leaves a bit more ash than 25mms, just depends on the cardboard and or kraft paper.
the note books you see above are coated in 1 coat of polycrylic after burning. there is ash present, i just coated it. I liked the darkness and cleanness of the look with out dusting off the ash. The notebook covers wanted to curl just a little after the polycrylic but a weight on the after 30min fixed that.
The wood had no ash, I use baking soda before burning.

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