A new way of doing business by using decal and laser to save time and increase sale

I have been using my ortur laser master with a 30w neje to print items. I found out , there is a new way of using decal cutter and laser to increase production sale. laser is great it very costly and demanding. the hours of getting thing it is time consuming.

  1. cut materials on laser is no-brainer. you need to be careful with the fume.
  2. laser can do much but it is always not reliable when it comes to do some work and color an items.
  3. laser you need a lot ventilation. All cost money to keep up.
    Do not get make me wrong I like my laser machine. I will always use it for some work but not the all work.

    a) since I start my business couple month ago.I find out by adding another piece of equipment beside the laser will help me increase sale, by using the same formula and the same software ligthburn to increase my production. the piece of equipment is a vinyl cutter machine. All my designs still done into ligthburn a software that I like so much and it is easy to use. it save me time and increase production.
    the laser will take time to burn or engrave 2 pieces of item and also I have to have my garage always open because of fume event I do have great ventilation for protection. now no more.A vinyl cutter do the magic trick for me. Now I have a lot of time to spend with my family and do some exercise during the day while all my work is done on time and ship out to customer. Please my work with the laser combine with a vinyl cutter.
  4. I can make color pen with my vinyl cutter very fast and quick
  5. I do not have to worry about fume any more by using vinyl cutter
  6. I do not have to use a laser to etch a glass any more all done by vinyl cutter on the fly

  7. a combination of laser and Vinyl cutter work. I take only 19 minutes usually on the laser it will take more 3 hrs plus. the key design was made on the vinyl cutter the rest was made with the laser printer. I made 4 for a customer. still have time to do some shopping to replenish my inventory for my next order.
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So… if I read your post correctly. There is a vinyl cutter that also works with Lightburn?
Please elaborate!

:smiley: I am curious now

to answer your question, I did all my design in lightburn and save it on SVG format and send it to the cutter software that accept the SVG file. It makes life easier to do my work since I already have Ligthburn. Also Since I have a lot of template in ligthburn already save on my PC for ortur master 2 laser. I hope, I answer your question.

ah :slight_smile: now I get what you mean.
Works awesome this way

I am glad I clarify it for you. Thank you for your response

Funny, I have a Silhouette Cameo (vinyl cutter) and have made designs in it’s software that I then save as SVG to bring into Lightburn and use on my CO2 laser. Silhouette software is excellent for designing in and has some tools Lightburn is missing.

I have tried Silhouette software, circuit, sign master easy studio as well, but lightburn so far is the best and the easiest software to use. when it come to flexibility and also doing design standalone software lightburn meet that threshold and beyond. with lightburn is you do not need to have internet access to use it. nor to be a graphic expert and it is in a world of it class as the best software. for novice, expert and beyond.

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