A question of licencing

So, I’m reaching the point where I’m gonna have to buy the licence, and I have a couple of questions. First off, and I’m 99.999% sure about this, I just need the GCode one for my TwoTrees TTS machine, right?
Second, does it matter where in the world I buy it from? The reason I ask is that I’m in the Philippines, and apparently it costs P3500, which is $62.51 as I type this. If I use a different browser, it comes up as $60. I assume this is due to conversion costs, but the money is in $US in my Paypal account, so can I just buy it for $60?

It is best to buy directly from Lightburn, as there are cracked versions out there that will appear to work UNTIL you try to Burn/Engrave, and probably not get the free updates for the 1st year.

Each of those prices is from LightBurn’s website.

That’s the minimum version you would need. Note that DSP and Galvo versions include g-code as well so those would also work.

I do believe that’s based on currency conversion. I haven’t seen anything about licenses being geo-restricted so I’d assume a license purchased with any currency would work just as well anywhere. You could email support@lightburnsoftware.com to confirm.

Correct no geo-restion applied and grbl/g-code is the minimum lic you need, if or when you upgrade you just pay the difference in price to go to next level required and can still use lower levels of the lic.

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