A quick easy question

I’m marking up 4 coasters at a time in a jig. When the job is done, the gantry moves to the middle of the bed, blocking my way to snatch them up, and replace them with 4 news ones.

What do I need to do, make the gantry move up some, instead of stopping in the middle. FYI, the last one marked is the top left. If the gantry would just stop there, I’d be happy with that.


You can set the finish position (return to finish position) within the device settings.

Thanks MooseUK

I’ll look it over, and see where I can tell it top left -vs- in the middle of the table. I don’t have a return to finish setting to tick. v 1.3.01

I found this, but it doesn’t apply. My move window doesn’t look this in the link


In device setting there is an option set where to move on job finish, i set mine to 400 400 to move to back left.

Not sure that it’s there…

Maybe I have can’t see the forest for the tree’s syndrome, this a.m.

For Ruida controllers, that’s determined by the controller, along with more setting to control the various origins:

Fiddle around with those (which are surely different for your Ruida controller) and eventually it’ll get out of your way.

Ummmm, I may look at that. I don’t want to get into much, since I’m trying to finish this large order.

Thanks though !

Apologies Phillip, I didn’t realise that option wasn’t available for Ruida controllers

The Ruida has this in it’s machine settings… called return or something…

When you select it, you can change it via the drop down menu…


Philip - I do a lot the same sort of thing and find depending on how many i’m making and what shape the material is I use different start points - i.e.- lower left or top right etc. when finished I like to have the ruida return the head to the same start point I just used - If that is in the way of removing and/or reinserting the work objects I just jog the head with the controller to any convenient position and once done click escape on the controller (sometimes have to click twice) and the head returns to the exact previous start point. Just FWIW. Cheers

Ok, the Ruida controller doesn’t support it, so set up a macro ( in the move panel for G0 X600 Y400 and name it maybe Clear Work Area, I think that is the right format for the Ruida.

Except that Ruida controllers use a proprietary binary command language, rather than good old G-Code, so the write-your-own macro features don’t apply.

Just to show you where it stops, and fill sequence on them. There is two layers. 1 fill and 1 line. It puts the line in position 2, which is the last one in the line layer. Then the head moves to the middle of the gantry. I’m around 3/4 done with the order, but it would be nice going forward on how to make it go where you want when a job is done for large production work.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that, so something interprets the instructions to Ruida Language to process the job, why wouldn’t it interpret the instructions in the macro I wonder ? or is it a case of it being greyed out on the tab ?

That’s what LightBurn does for a living: convert your graphic design into machine instructions.

The difference is that machines based on GRBL (and LinuxCNC and a few others) accept instructions in human-readable G-Code, which is the language you use to write those macros.

Ruida controllers accept instructions in an undocumented binary format. The semantics differ enough that you can’t translate a G-Code program into a Ruida program.

The Ruida controller has no equivalent of the GRBL serial port, because it doesn’t send status reports or accept human-readable commands. As a result, LightBurn doesn’t show a Console tab.

FWIW, I routinely fall into the trap of assuming what happens with my Ruida controller applies to your GRBL machine, so, yeah, it does get confusing. :grin:

Thanks now it makes sense :neutral_face:

Can you not press “home” when you select “laser”? I make all my jig/ templates with everything always centered. I hit “home” when the laser stops, it moves out of the way and allows access to retrieve the work. But, I have an xtool, not sure if its an option for you…

I guess I could press HOME, but I was wanting the gantry to either stay where it is at the end of the job, top left, or move out of the way. Instead it moves to the middle of the bed, stopping me from picking up the material.

It’s all good. I’m almost done with the order. Maybe 200 more pcs