A24 Pro suddenly stops mid Job

Somestime, not always I have my laser just stopping at some point. Sometimes that is after like 20% and sometimes after like 80%. I checked the console but there was nothing there indicating an error. This happend around 4-5 times so far. I would say so far I cut like 50 things, so like every 10th time.

The Laser is connected via USB to my Tablet running Win10 64 bit. Latest Lightburn Version (also happend once or twice while I was running the Trial).

When this happens the Laser is kind of dead, it doesn’t react to any commands through Lightburn (stop/resume). The only thing that helps is switching it off and on again.

Does anyone experience similiar things? Or has a clue what this could be? Maybe the Flame sensor or something?

If my computer is running off battery and not plugged in my Atomstack A24 quits after about 6 minutes. If the computer is plugged in it always completes the job.

Windows devices have a power-saving strategy called USB Selective Suspend.

If you have fast communication or a large buffer in the engraver, the buffer will fill up and the communication will stop. Shortly after the communication stops, the USB port will time out and cause the controller to hang (and not report back - because the channel is closed).

Here are the instructions on how to disable this feature.

I’ll give that a try, thanks.

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