About keep license on hold!


my laser machine has burnt almost a month ago and current my entire work on laser has stopped completely.

the license is going waste without use.

can i pause my license period till I buy a new machine?

If I calculate correctly, a normal DSP license costs approx. $ 0.33 per day, and a license for g-code machines costs $ 0.17
This year I spent 2 months traveling in Scandinavia, all the way to the North Cape. Two and a half years ago, I was seriously ill for several months and could not work. Today, I sometimes have no orders or desire not to work on the weekends. Should I then, in your opinion, be able to ask to put LightBurn on standby?

if such an option exists why not!

if not… then nothing can be done!!!

You own the license forever. With your license, you receive the ability to download new updates for 1 year. When you renew, you get another year of the ability to download updates. Even if you are not using the software, when you go back to using it, you have the ability to download any updates that were released while your update period was valid

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