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Hello! So I started a project today on my A5 PRO and the x-axis randomly started “jumping". This is the first time it started doing this and Im kind of clueless as to what it could be, but I think it is the x-axis rotary box that has the connector. I have already loosened and secured all screws, unplugged all connections and issue still persists. I have contacted atomstack about it but I have a project for a client with a deadline coming up! So trying to find a quick fix to my issue. All settings are the same since I got the machine (2/7/22) so I doubt that is the problem but I could be wrong. Please help! I have a video but cannot post it but I can send it to your email, thank you!

Is there a USB-C adapter that is known to work with Lightburn 1.1.04 and Atomstack A5 Pro 40W. I am specifically wanting to use Macbook Air (M1, 2020). Otherwise things are working fine while using a Windows 10 laptop with USB port and no adapters.

Thank you for your patience. We have had good reports about the Apple product.