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hi everyone I am new here and I am having a hard time installing the Lightburn on my Linux ubuntu , how I do that?

Hallo Zusammen
Ich habe einen Atomstack a5 und seit Ich die neue Version Heruntergeladen habe, wird mein Gerät nicht mehr gespeichert.
Jedes mal wenn ich Lightburn öffne muss Ich mein Gerät neu Instalieren. Kann jemand mir helfen. Ich wäre sehr Dankbar

I am new to laser machines and I recently bought a FoxAlien Reizer 20W laser and I can’t get LightBurn to recognize my machine. I put it in manually but it just shows disconnected and I don’t know how to correct it. It runs on GRBL and the software that came with it, laserGRBL, has no problem recognizing it but it does so little. I am using a Windows computer with Windows 11 running on it. LightBurn is so much better, I really want it to work. Help???

I would go to the Lightburn Hardware Compatibility Category in the main menu and start a new post. I don’t know if there is a Fox Alien section but there is one for GRBL. Someone will come along a give you a hand.

I bought a new HP Laptop window 11 and download Lightburn software and updated then click it “Devices” click Find My Laser and appear “GRBL” to add it ok and test but it wouldn’t move anywhere and check with Start from: User Origin and Current Position, User Origin or Absolute Coords I still not understand how it work and did not get picture. I tried to move by click either arrow etc but Console: connection) On or near line 2: Stream completed in 0:00 MSG: Reset to continue] and tried figure it out seem still not understand and youtube still not help clear enough it complication to me. Please help and how? I am not expert tech.

I am new to laser engraving and cutting. I bought Longer 5. I downloaded LaserGRBL in order to learn and familiarize my self with the process. I had a lot of success engraving and cutting detailed designs. I tried and ordered Lightburn because it seems so versatile, but when I tried to cut the same patterns that I successfully cut with LaserGRBL. I failed. I let Lightburn pick my machine settings (GRBL-M3) but I suspect that that is where the problem lies. Are there better settings for my Longer 5?

used gwiek cloud or Zidig run on adim