Abrupt starts and stops for Raster Engraving with M2 Nano

when I export Gcode to send to k40 whisperer from lightburn > 100mm a second the carriage abruptly hits the end of its run and changes direction, basically its like acceleration is set to max; (it’s happening below those speeds too, but the machine appears to be ok with the direction change)
sort of like it’s trying to change directions too fast.

This is in contrast to using K40 whisperer, where I can set the engraving speeds to 200mm and it accel and decels without slamming. is there a way I can achieve similar results in lightburn? some kind of programmatic accel settings (like K40 whipserer is obviously doing)?

Alternatively I know grbl and smoothie have accel settings in the motion maybe a change in motion controller?

All of these things are handled for you with a normal controller. Not sure what Whisperer is doing with the GCode from LightBurn.

Changing the controller to something directly supported, like a C3D or Ruida, would give you higher engraving speed and proper acceleration control. C3D maxes out around 250mm/sec for engraving speed. Ruida is probably around 600mm/sec - likely faster than your tube or power supply can fire.

thanks Oz, I’m used to using a TinyG controller where constant jerk accel is a thing… upgrading the controller is on my list

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