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I am new to lightburn I was able to understand most everything with the help of youtube videos. My problem is with Absolute Coords. I have a Ortur laser. It is my understanding that if I draw a square ( 1 inch ) and place it in the exact center of the work table and with absolute coords selected and I select frame it should frame the square. Around the center of the work space. What happens it frames the square near the upper right corner and when I select get position it reads X 12.028 Y 12.224. I think it should be at X 7.5 Y 7.5 (my work area is 15 x 15) It looks like there is a offset some where, Hope someone can help with this problem

Can you run this in Console after doing a homing operation?


I did a $# this is what came on the screen - there was no laser movement



















There would be no movment expected. These are the offsets on your laser. You can remove these a few different ways depending on how you’d like to address them. These would all need to be typed into Console.

  1. This will directly remove the specific offsets
G59.6 X0 Y0
G92 X0 Y0
  1. This will reset all offsets to defaults
  1. This will reset all GRBL configuration to defaults

Not necessarily required but you may want to power cycle after doing this.

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berainlb - Thank you so much the $RST=* corrected the problem, it would not accept the commands G59.6 X0 Y0 or G92 X0 Y0. Don’t know how the offset got there but it now corrected. Thanks again this had me going.

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