Absolute/Incremental Position Moves & Set Origin Buttons

Two quick questions. First, is it possible to make incremental moves in the move window?

The other question is why do these Set Origin Buttons appear on my Diode laser but not on my Rudia Control?

Not in the way that I think you’re asking. The jog controls are relative. But you cannot say increment current position by 10,20.

My understanding is that these are controller dependent functions and thus not applicable for Ruida.

Lightburn is a very ‘smart’ program. It will not give you options that aren’t available.

This behavior is consistent throughout lightuburn.

@berainlb is correct in that the Ruida doesn’t appear to have this available via software.

If you set ‘Continuous Jog’ off, then you can specify how far you wish to move incrementally by entering that value in ‘Distance’.


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