Absolute position conundrum

I have purchased Lightburn’s camera for my 600x900 machine which works. Mounting it was a real pain in the a** though as there’s not an official mounting hardware.
Anyhow, when the machine is using Absolute mode I realised that the gantry is defaulted to the front of the table which has posed a huge problem when closing the lid. THE CAMERA MEETS THE GANTRY!!!. Each instance this happens, I have to the run the camera alignment wizard.

How can I adjust the default positioning for Absolute Mode?

I’m not sure what you mean by “default positioning” - what kind of controller are you using? (You left that out of your user profile, but without knowing I can’t give an answer)

Thanks for the quick response. Controller is Ruida RDC6442G.
Let me simplify my issue. Once the Absolute is selected in Start From my laser;s gantry moves right down to the bottom of the table hence If i close the lid as this point, the camera will hit the gantry.
I assume the logic rationale for Lightburn doing this is to move the gantry right down so its does not infringe on the table/material view.

I need the default positioning to be at the bed top and not to the bottom.

LightBurn doesn’t send anything when you choose “Absolute” as your start from position. When does this move happen, exactly?

When I select Lightburn camera, the application then defaults to Absolute Coords. Once this is selected then the gantry moves to the bottom of the bed. If I switch back to Current Position, then the gantry is left to last position.

I need the gantry to be to the top of the bed once I have selected Absolute Coords.

Ok, again, when you select a camera, LightBurn does not send anything to your laser, so the flow you describe sounds impossible. You’re saying that at the moment you select the camera, the software switches to Absolute Coords, and your machine jogs to the front? Are you trying to use the camera, or is this part of one of the calibration screens, maybe?

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