Absolute positioning a square with upper right at a specific machine coord

Is there any way to simply position a rectangle on my drawing so the top right corner is exactly at a specific machine X/Y coord (or the current laser position)?

I see that there is a way to move the center of the object to the current laser position, but I am not seeing a way to move the top right corner to the laser position.

Click this first:


Then you are positioning that point of the selection.

Thanks for the quick reply, I should have been able to figure that out myself! Obvious now that you told me.

Many things are only obvious in hindsight - this is one of them. :slight_smile:

The 9-dot control doesn’t affect everything, so it’s not immediately obvious that it would affect the ‘Move to laser position’ command.

I think what confused me was the graphic symbol for “Move to Laser Position” which shows the cross hair pointer. It made me think it only worked on the center. Obviously a bad assumption on my part. But I cannot think of a different graphic would have made it more clear it was tied to the 9 dot control.

Maybe if there was a roll over text message on the “Move to Laser Position” that appeared that said positioned by 9 dot or something like that.

I am missing seeing the actual laser position on canvas. i wish to know where my selected artwork will jump to when clicking on “Move to laser position”.

It depends on which of the nine dot button is selected. If you have the center nine dot then the center of your selected object will be moved on the canvas to the current laser location in absolute coords.


I know and I’m using this feature daily but i do not have a camera yet and i was just wondering why not show the laser position at all times

Have you looked at the ‘Show Last Position’ feature? You can use this to visually “see” the last laser location. You first need to ‘Get Position’ from the ‘Move’ window to read the current location. Then, when you turn on the ‘Show Last Position’, you will see that location as a cross-hair mark on the LightBurn workspace canvas.


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Ah! Great. did not know about this.
Now all i need is to lock down this GetPoision so it will always update the canvas with laser position :slight_smile:

As it is now you move the laser head to your artwork.
I wish to have the other way around option as well - to move the laserhead and still have the arrow/picker active to move the artwork to where the laser is.

It would require polling the laser constantly to know where it is, which consumes bandwidth, adds complexity to the communications system (I can’t send that if I’m sending something else) and ultimately because it promotes the behavior of looking at your screen instead of looking at your laser. I say often and loudly that I will not implement features that encourage unattended use, and this falls into that category.

This is already in there:

Oz, I totally agree with you and admire your vast knowledge and how you manage lightburn and protect us. Having said that, many features can be considered dangerous, like remote view by a camera and/or using the wrong profile for the material, and/or badly organized cutting layers order, and/or using LB Move tab to move the laser-head without seeing where it is above the laser-bed, etc. I am only describing my experience and what i ‘feel’ is missing.

Keep up the good work.

I look at whether a feature has utility that isn’t just remote monitoring. If so, then it’s probably worth having. The camera is used for positioning work, network connection allows faster communication, and so on. Lasers make literal fire as part of their operation - everyone knows (or should know) they are inherently dangerous. Any kind of automated tool is dangerous on some level.

Live position display serves no useful purpose that I can discern other than allowing you to monitor the job progress by looking at your screen instead of the laser. All the standard jogging features in LightBurn update the position numbers and the on-screen crosshair, so if you are just positioning the laser, it should be as ‘live’ as it needs to be.

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I am not after live laser position monitoring but only during preparations.

If you use the Click-to-Position, or the numpad arrows to move the laser, the laser position is updated automatically for you. This should do what you want.

While we are discussing laser positioning, What does the “Move From Absolute Machine Zero” switch do? I don’t think I have ever turned it on (because everything seems to be working great without it on).


It’s a left-over from the Ruida / RDWorks interface I replaced. Rather than moving incrementally, it issues a move that is an X or Y offset from the machine origin. It’s really not terribly useful.

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Sorry, please show me how. the only way for me to see the location updated is by clicking on get position in move tab. it will not get updated automatically.


or, with NumLock enabled:

You might need this on too, but I think the numbers are updated regardless:

Thanks, so you can remove it to make room for the Coord save/recall feature!