Accents in filenames mangled when exporting to GCode

I am French, and not consistent… Sometime, I save my files under an English name (old habit of software programmer), sometime I save them in French.
So far, so good, no issue in LB… except when I export the GCode:

As you can see, the filename (here non-sense only to show off various French accents) is mangled, the accents are replaced with lozenges with question mark in them (ie. “unknown character”).
French Windows 10 system.

I attach the LBRN file (content irrelevant: it is a simple test shape) so you get a sample of the accents…
Élèphànt â dëmô.lbrn2 (7.2 KB)

Thank you for reporting this.
This is the first time I’ve seen this and the “unknown character” is novel.

I have reproduced it locally on my Win 10 device and am escalating it to the dev team for review.


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