Accents on Letters

How do you get the ^ above an a and a ’ above an e please??

on Windows 10 press the accent, then the character you want with the accent.

I have tried this and I’m just getting 6’s and a’s. sorry

Try to install some keyboard layout, which contains these letters. In my country we use Czech layout, which has (at th enumber digis row):
;+ěščřžýáíé and at =+ key it has “dead letters” - just an accent key for usable for others letters (like ň) or uppercase.
Another thing is the font: You have to have some font, which includes prepper characters in propper encoding. Today there’s usually utf-8 encoding, but it used to be (in my country - Czech Republic) cp1250 in windows, ISO Latin2 (ISO8859-2) in unix systems, PC latin2 in DOS (CP852), Kamenicti as an alternative encoding in DOS, KOI8-CS as the very first try to encode czech characters and some other obscure tries. So, choose wisely :slight_smile: (utf-8 is the ONLY you want!)

Hold down the alt key and on your number pad enter 130 for the e and 131 for the a.

These are ascii characters. You can search for an ascii chart and find them all.

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what keyboard layout do you have installed? If you have an US keyboard you could try US-International, then you could create the accents

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