Access key when rebooting computer

I’m concerned that I have to enter the access code each and every time I have to reboot my computer. Is this normal? I have the full version, not the trial

No, once you enter your license key LightBurn should be set for a while.

Can you tell us more about your computer and operating system, and is there anything “strange” that you can think of about your setup?

This could happen if you were using a floating license key and hadn’t set it up correctly, but for a normal license the only way I could see this happening is if you have something on your system clearing your registry or preventing LightBurn from writing information to the registry.

We have a game laptop computer. It’s a windows 10 operating system. Our case is unique, I recall some time back, one of your representatives and I found that Lightburn was not installing at all at first, we then discovered the problem. Our issue was deemed as noted for troubleshooting similar concerns in the future. I’m only mentioning this because I dint6know if you keep case notes on customers.

  • Do you run anti-virus software? (it could be overly aggressive, and might be preventing LightBurn from storing your key information in the registry)

  • Do you have anything like registry cleaner software running? (same idea as above)

I know some schools have issues because their systems are set to do a user-level registry wipe every time someone logs out. It would be possible to configure a home machine like this, but it’d be pretty rare.

We have a solution for those cases that would likely work for you as well - it’s possible to have LightBurn enter your key for you by using a command-line procedure. Follow the directions here for “allowing all users on a system to share a system locked license”:

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