Acrylic cutting and engraving

Hi i tried to cut 6mm acrylic in sculpfun s9 engraver, But i don’t know the speed, power and pass count. I tried different speed and power along with more pass counts but nothing works.

Unfortunately, diode lasers do not perform well with acrylic. Some users have managed to make marks on the darker pieces, but generally, one needs to use a CO2 laser for acrylic engraving and cutting.


Which type / color does the acrylic have? You can’t cut clear acrylic with a diode laser. Only opaque acrylic works, the darker the better, black works quite well. See some info here: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki

the only acrylic that can be cutted is black. This is a cut i made on 3mm black with a 7.5W module

i have just bought a diode laser cutter and am trying some settings for acrylics… thus far i managed to cut and engrave black, yellow, red and green acrylics, white and gray failed.

I use the same cutting settings for all colors, 200mm/m at 85% power and between each pass I let it cool down for a few minutes.
Black - 4 passes
yellow - 4 passes
red - 6 passes
green - 8 passes

the engravings I do at 4000 mm/s at 85% power in 1 pass.

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