Acrylic laser engraving

  1. Do you have to paint clear acrylic before engraving?
  2. If there’s film on the acrylic do you remove it before engraving
  3. Is there a particular type of acrylic that is best for engraving? If so where can I purchase it please

Thanks for your help

3 - Molded acrylic is probably better than extruded acrylic but also more expensive. (I do not know where to buy it in your country, sorry)
2 - “Normally” I do not remove the protective film, but with very small engraving I do it because it is too cumbersome to get out of the small dots and lines.
1 - CO2 laser engraves and cuts directly without problems in clear acrylic, diode lasers can not be used as they have a wavelength that is not suitable for acrylic. You can do some experiments with foil below or above … but the result is not satisfactory - in my eyes.

I am a newbie and having issues with trying to engrave clear cast acrylic for edge lit sign with my ortur 20w machine, any help would be greatly appreciated

Harold, as I wrote before diode lasers is usually not suitable for transparent materials such as acrylic, it is simply related to the wavelength of the diode. But, I have read here in the forum that someone has good results with paint or other forms of covering. I have experimented a bit with a 5.5Watt diode and acrylic, but finally bought a CO2 laser, it is 100 times easier and more efficient.

I use white paint first, then engrave. Get get some acetone to remove the paint afterwards really easy

Thanks, To all

I do not understand this, I use acetone to dissolve acrylic with.

Use the acetone to remove the paint

I’m well aware that you use it to clean with but I just thought it would ruin the surface. I fill an old jam jar with acrylic residue and top up with acetone. After a while, it’s one viscous mass I can cast with. Or I dilute it a lot and use it as glue for acrylic items.

All I know is that’s what I do and it works

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