Acrylic led lamp files 3d images

Does anybody know of a download site for these types og images or a programe that can create them to import into lightburn !

Luban3D will do as shown in the photo. Scroll down to the Mesh Processing section to see an example.


Don’t click on the purchase or license buttons unless you want a shock. I’ve not found in the last five years a free method to create these pieces, but I can’t justify purchasing such an expensive product or subscription.

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That’s some expensive software, I think I’ll keep looking for free downloads, thank you.

A few free examples including the one in your pic available HERE

It’s expensive because of the value it gives. As a 3D artist for 25 years I can attest to the effort it takes to produce these files.

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Don’t get me wrong Dean, I admire people that create these images it must take a lot of skill, My comment should have said, it’s more than I can afford and I’m still learning how to use Lightburn so don’t have the time to get to grips with another complex software programme.:slight_smile:

I’ve found quite a few out there. Here is a DXF site that you should check out.


These are not from the above, but had on my drive. They were picked up on the internet for free.

3D Mickey Mouse.lbrn2 (937.9 KB)

dolphine.lbrn2 (163.1 KB)

cat.lbrn2 (3.4 MB)



Thanks Jack, your a legend :grin:, I’ve been looking for that cat for a few days now with no luck :+1:

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No perspiration… I’ll send you the bill…lol

The power of social media on the internet…


Wow, if you open the cat and select it the marching ants pattern is pretty trippy…

Jack, your cat just crashed my Lightburn :joy:

Here are a few.

It’s got a lot of parts. Apparently about 15,148.
LB handles it OK for me, but I was messing with it in inkscape and it crashed.
10700K processor & 32GB of memory seems like it should be sufficient…

If you had issues…
Here’s a link to the cat svg file on my google drive, and a lion head…

Lion head svg.


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Schau mal bei


That is an excellent site, thank you. :blush: :+1:

Don’t send only the bill, send the entire duck!

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Hi All,

I spent some time trying to source a way to make these backlit 3D things as well. There is a plug-in for Blender, but I don’t want to dedicate the time learning r. (The UI is just overwhelming) I found a possible solution on GitHub I have no association with the author of it.

I just started experimenting with this, so I don’t have any additional info. I just thought I’d put this out there for the smart folks to be creative! Since I can’t upload the executable, I’m providing some instructions on a simple process to create it.

Here is a quick process of how I built an environment and compiled the executable on Windows.

  1. Get a compiler

Download and run installer
Accept defaults
Run after install

  1. Install tools

Type into the command Window that opened from above

pacman -S gcc
pacman -S make

This installs the compilers and build tools

  1. Download the source code

First link in post (Code->Zip file)
Unzip to C:\msys64\home\YOURLOGINID

  1. Build the executable

cd papercraft-master

  1. Test the executable


It should print the program usage

Now create a hidden line wireframe of an STL

$ ./hiddenwire < test2.stl -v -p 1 --up 0,1,0 --fov 20 --camera 50,50,800 > new2.svg


Note that the ‘test1.stl’ will cause a segfault if used. The STL format MUST be in binary format
for the program to work! ‘test1.stl’ is provided in ASCII format for some reason…

The files with .SCAD extension are for OpenSCAD available at openscad dot org (Sorry no more links for me in this post)
This can be used to create source STL files. Get the latest version, OLDER VERSIONS

The .SCAD file render (Load and press F6, Export to STL)

The output from hiddenwire.exe

How do you convert it?


go to ebay i seeing a listing there 50 plus model for 5$