Acrylic question pics included

So i’m still trying with acrylic and im curious i tried to engrave a scenery pic mostly just to see i could before i say i can (ill have to add the original photo tomorrow) but i had the acrylic sheet on the reversed side (grey side up) and used
spd of 300
and power 28
dpi 131
Line interval of 0.1939

And this is what i got

Any help is appreciated

this is the pic I’m trying to do

Some obvious things:

  • Focus looks bad
  • Line spacing of 131 DPI seems coarse
  • Scanning Offset looks uncorrected
  • Pretty picture with too much fine detail and flat coloration

Fix the easy stuff first and see what it looks like on plain acrylic before trashing more mirrors.

I use the focus film that came with the laser i let it touch the film then raise it some just enough to get the film out is that not correct(still learning)

Thanks for the feed back :blush:

Watch this video… well worth it.

It’s using a fiber, the the technique will work for any laser with any material.

Good luck


Trust, but verify.

Enough folks have found their Genuine Focus Block to be completely the wrong size to justify running a ramp test.

Basically, create a single line running left-to-right at a reasonable power and speed to leave a distinct track on a strip of stiff white cardboard. Rest one end of the strip on a block so it’s 5 mm closer to the laser than the Genuine Focus Block says it should be and the other end is 5 mm lower.

Burn the line, get out a magnifying lens, and find the narrowest part of the track. If it’s near the middle, the Genuine Focus Block is about right. If the track looks better near one end, well, then you get to make a new Actual Focus Block.

Ah thank you that makes since :blush: ill give that a go

This ramp test video from The Louisiana Hobby Guy isn’t too bad.

Good luck