Acrylic test results not the same as project

I have done multiple test and had issues. I read that sometime it is because the test is to small. so I made my own test and made sure the test was 25mm by 15mm rectangle i got multiple good results with not pops or burns. I did a second test on a different piece of acrylic just to be certain same results. I lot a job and the first line i get pops chose a few different setting that were good on the test pattern and all the same. I have made sure there is nothing on the acrylic and it is clean as can be. nothing changed between the test and the job.

I’m at a loss. if it had not been with in 10mm of the start of the first line I would have though maybe it was a heat issue but that cant be. I can make beautiful boxes and even boxes with a relief that says test but as soon as I put a job in failure.

any help would be much appriciated, I have already done the laser focus test three time to make sure it was spot on. made sure everything was exacly the same down the dpi etc.

thanks in advance

Please share the two files; the custom test file with the 25mm x 15mm rectangle, and the project file.

If I can’t see the difference in output between the two files, I may ask you to generate GCode for each of your files. That will capture the output from LightBurn to your Laser and may offer us the reason for the different results.

unfortunately i do not have any of that any longer. I have meticulously looked over things and when i think i have a setting that work i take screen shots to look at every little thing and save it in library and the next time i try that setting it instantly burns and pops i have a stack of acrylic that looks like someone took a blow torch to them. or i get it where it barely makes a mark. im well over 15 pieces ruined and i try and use every inch to test on when i have a failure to save money. I have tried the metal under focusing on the metal top/ bottom of acrylic, i have tried temera painted on both top and bottom with same results. oddly enough i had some of my best results with just some construction paper but! could not duplicate those results. currenly have ben trying to use the poster board with aluminum under it and focusing on the top of the poster board. my material nest gave a quite a few options and was very please i used one of the lower power and faster speeds and not even close to what the material test gave me. so im lost…dont know which way to go any more. on when i use the tempera paint i use an hvlp and make multiple coats till i see no light.

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