Activated software but cant gain acess

hi there I’ve bought lightburn software used my access key and started my program , however when i restarted my computer it says that this code has already been activated and only lets me use trial , can someone help me get back into my account please thanks i have the key if needed

Most likely, the key has been entered more than once on that machine. You should only need to activate a computer one time and not be required to enter it again. But this can happen…we can help.

Tried to look you up in our systems with the information provided in your forum profile and do not find an account/key associated.

Did you purchase from our website or maybe from one of our many resellers? If a reseller, you will need to contact them directly as we do not have access to their systems.

Otherwise, send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, include as much information as you can to help us find your transaction and we can go from there.

-Please do not post any personally identifiable information or LightBurn credentials / License Key as this is a publically accessible site.-

Once we have a key to work with, we can associate it with you so you can manage the allocations yourself.

But first things first…

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