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Hi LB, I need to activate for a 3rd computer but cant. I only use LB on one computer to drive a machine, The other computers are for file edit and design only. Just one user (me) at any one time.
I’m fully aware of why you have the two activation limit, but the logic is flawed and only really inconveniences your paid customers. I’m not sure if you are aware but your trial version can be activated indefinitely using sandboxie. So your 2 activation limit really has no effect on people who want to beat the system, it only inconveniences those who have bought a licence and want to do the right thing. Is there any chance you can increase your two activation limit to 4 as most will be the same user on different computers. Either that, or review your whole licence system.

You should have asked nicely about an activation extra, simple and easy.

Maybe instead of whining and looking like a fool you should read the licensing info and maybe ask the Lightburn crew nicely?

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A very reasonable license agreement for a product worth much more than I paid for it… Thanks for doing this.

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Do you really think Lightburn is going to change it’s highly successful licensing model based on your post?
If I was LB I would certainly provide you with a solid ‘No’.

Who was whining? I was proposing a change and explaining the reasons why.
Calling me a fool was out of line and you owe me an apology.

As someone who is regularly changing his computers and reinstalling Windows the two activation licence does not work for me. Having to request everytime is a drag, I proposed a change thats all. When I set up a new computer for myself, I install 10 or more softwares and all except for lightburn install without issues. Maybe an activation that used an email address system might work better.

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May I ask you how to do that with the other programs? Is it possible to install the same license from MS Windows OS, or Adobe Photoshop or AutoCat and so on. on 4 computer?
I’m aware that Linux and many open source freeware can be used indefinitely, but I think with none of the commercial programs you get nearby this fine extension service that LightBurn provides - and all that for $ 40/80.

As our enthusiastic users have pointed out already, we’re happy to grant you a 3rd seat on your retail license key if you email us with your key and ask nicely. Additional seats above 3 are available at a highly reduced cost also - again, you can inquire over email.

We are as generous as we can be with all this, keeping all our prices way below the market value so that as many people as possible can afford the software.


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