I was able to use my Product Activation Key and everything worked but when i closed the program and opened it later it requested the product activation key like it had the first time. when I put in my key again it said the activation limit had been reached. I emailed them 4 days ago but only now received an automated response saying that they received my email. Please advise if anyone know what I can do.

I had a similar experience when my computer died and I had to purchase a new one, I got that same message, so I emailed them and someone got back to me right away and helped me. Try emailing again, I know they can help!

Goto licence portal in top.

This is not entirely true.

The first reply is automated, yes. We want folks to receive confirmation their email was received on our end.

Reviewing the email you sent, I see one of our support representatives reached back, within a few hours, on a weekend, requesting further information from you. I see you have provided what was requested.

Since your key was purchased through a 3rd party, the only way for us to get your key is from you. We actually can’t do anything without it.