Actual viable use of camera

I would love to be able to use camera with my Orion 60W Ruida
If the camera is confused by the Honey Comb Bed it makes no sense to me to cover it up and negate at least a portion of the exhaust capability.
Aligning a substrate on the Honey Comb without further alignment features makes no sense to me. The camera I bought for use with LightBurn may as well go back to JTech.
I would simply fasten a small strip or strips, of wood to the bed to mark where I want to place said substrate instead of messing with the red dot.

Any insight?


The honeycomb only confuses the camera during the setup and calibration. Once you have it set up, there is no need to cover the honey comb bed during normal camera usage.

You only cover the bed during the calibration and alignment process, then remove the cover. This is just to help the camera during setup.

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The honeycomb bed looks like thousands of small circles, so you only cover it when doing the lens calibration process because assumes that it must be mounted the laser for this part. It doesn’t, and it isn’t even technically necessary to do at all any more now that we have presets.

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