Add bluetooth flame detector to Lightburn

I am a new use of Sculpfun S30 Ultra, and I have recently purchased this bluetooth flame sensor:

I have the Mintion Lasercam, but at the moment it is not connected to the laser, i.e. I am running the laser directly from Lightburn.

I have searched the forum, but I couldnt find if it is possible to add this blueeoth sensor directly to Lightburn, so it halts the motion when triggered. Is this feasible or the only way to do it is through the camera?


I don’t think so. LightBurn is not designed to listen to extra / external sensors during a job. Only the connection to the laser is monitored. You need to have outside logic to stop the burn process. I think you should use it as intended, connect it to the Mintion cam and control the laser via the cam.

Thanks Melvin for the information about not being possible to “trigger” Lightburn

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