Add color with 15 w ortur laser

I added color with 15w ortur laser. finally, I finally , I finished with trial testing project with my 15 w ortur laser. While doing that I made a lot discovery along the way. Please my work. Now I am ready to purchase my co2 laser, can anyone can give me some advise on that. see my work on my 15 w ortur laser.
1.500/75 with 3 pass (both) color charcoal and red acrylic
2. 508/85 4 pass with black, red and turquoise acrylic
3. 500/60 3 pass white acrylic paint

Looks very nice but… no regerts ? :sweat_smile:

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Thank you very much. I still be around until I buy my new c02 laser to start my online business Meanwhile, I will keep posting new discovery with my 15 w ortur laser; by the way, I just received my 30 w. neje laser module. I will attach it on my ortur laser. so I can do some trial project by engraving glass , acrylic and other materials as well.

Nice job… :+1:

thank you for your support