Add feature to handle laser device to function g-code mappings

As a developer of some of Marlin Laser features I can see that Lightburn can be enhanced surrounding g-code controls. For example the use of M7 M8 and M9 for air assist is integral and cannot modified by the users. If Lightburn coded the function and pointed to an air assist g-code map the user can define the g-code sequence for air on, off, delay etc. vs the default control behavior. This also applies to other functions such as M3 M4 and M5 laser controls. Having this capability would give Lightburn more device control scope. I plan to add an air assist feature to Marlin 2.0.8 however using M7,M8 will be a conflict because M9 turns both off which I can fix with an option on the M9 command but that will not resolve Lightburn’s commands. The conflict occurs with other features I have added.

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