Add laser cooling function

Is it possible to add a pause function in the program at a given time to cool the laser diode while cutting? Because the laser doesn’t like overheating. The LASERGRBL program has such a function.!

Add a large filled object set to 0% power at a crawl.

Thank! A good idea. But adding these objects takes additional development time. It’s easier to pause at a given time.

I checked the “Your Machine” entry in your profile to see what machine you have, but this is gibberish - what is it?


I’ve updated my profile!

If time is what you’re seeking to gain, then perhaps you’re using the wrong hardware if such a machine needs resting time.

I am worried about the lifespan of a laser diode. I use the equipment for which my financial capabilities allow me!

Up for this, an autocool function (as LaserGRBL has), is a good idea

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