Add rotary to Eleksmaker mana controller Z axis

(David Fenton) #1

Sorry for yet another rotary question! I have looked in the other rotary topics but not sure I am finding the answer to my question.
I have a homemade 50W laser using the 3 axis controller GRBL from an Elekmaker diode laser. At the moment I am not using the Z axis output. The Y axis on the machine uses two steppers one at either end of the gantry. I don’t want to use the Y axis for the rotary because of needing to unplug two cables from the controller. I don’t see X axis as an option in the rotary setup box, but the instructions on line say to select the “A” axis for a GRBL controller.
**I assume this is so that you can have different settings stored without upsetting existing X axis??? **Does this “A” axis actually drive the “Real” X axis?
**I also assume I need to manually disconnect the X axis motor output and connect to the rotary motor?
**Better still would be to be able to use the existing Z motor output on my controller. If I select Z axis in the LB rotary setup will this drive the Z motor output on my controller and hence the rotary motor? That would mean I don’t need to connect and disconnect my X axis every time I want to use the rotary.

Sorry again if this has been covered, but I couldn’t find it.

Thanks for any help.


(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

This was written with the assumption that you had an A axis on the GRBL board. The diode controller you are using does not. Not many people are using an Eleksmaker controller to drive a 50w CO2 laser.

I would suggest trying the Z axis as you mentioned. Just plug it in and select it there.


(David Fenton) #3

Thanks Ray, I’ll be playing with the rotary at the weekend once I have assembled it.
My home made laser started as an Eleksmaker A3 and sort of got out of hand…It’s now a 1000mm x 650mm fire breathing monster:grinning: