Adding a second raspi to our shop

We just ordered a second machine and pi. Im wondering what the steps would be to add it so there isnt an IP conflict. Would I just need to change the the ip from to something like

If you’re using a Pi, it ‘asks’ your router/server for an address, so there shouldn’t be an ip issue. The actual laser ip is hidden from the network…

It would be wise to set them up so the issued ip is ‘bound’ to the mac address of each Pi. This ensures your router/server will always assign the proper ip to the proper Pi…

Make sense?


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Thanks Jack! I wasnt sure with the ip that gets input into the machine. The pi will be here today, so im sure ill figure it out.

I’ve had both my office machine and the laser machine connected at the same time to the same machine without issues.

You are using the Lightburn firmware on the Pi’s?

Hopefully what I stated make sense?

Good luck


It does, ill check it out and report back if I have issues. It doesn’t seem like I will though.

I suspect you will have no trouble. The machines end up on a sub net handled by the PI, so they are not visible to you local network…

I have a group of ip address allocated for use of ‘static’ devices where lots of my machines ‘live’… I couldn’t find an easy way to set the PI up for a static address.

I have been using the option in the router to bind the mac of the PI to a specific address… when it reboots the PI keeps the same address that Lightburn is configured for…

Good luck – give us a status update when you’re up…


That makes sense now. Thanks again!

Just wanted to say that I did get the second pi and laser set up without any issue. I changed the ip to and set the gateway to the router ip and boom it worked. Thanks again jack!

The Pi presents the address ONLY to your laser on it’s wired connection - the rest of your network doesn’t see that, just the laser, so there wouldn’t be a conflict. The WIFI connection the Pi creates uses an address it gets from your network, and that’s the only one that needs to be unique.

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