Adding a short pause G4 P.400 after each M5

Hi everyone! I would like to add a small pause (G4 P.400) after each M5). Seems to give a better result for the project I’m working on. I can add it manually when I export gcode to each line in the script, but I was wondering if there was an easy way/setting somewhere to do it from within the Lightburn UI?


Currently there is no way to modify Gcode from within the LightBurn UI. The way you are doing it is the only option at this time. But you can always make a feature request at (I think there is already a request for Gcode modification on there, you can add your vote to it.)

Cheers! Was hoping there’d be a toggle for m3/m5 with delays, but guess manual is the way for now. At least I have a script to edit it full. :wink: Voted, hopefully it’ll be added somewhere in the future!

Add an ‘End Pause’ here.

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Thanks a lot! Is there also a way to add a pause after m5’s?

It’s supposed to be exactly what I pointed you to, but it appears to omit the M5 completely for this. I’m looking into it.

Edit: This is fixed for the next release.

Thanks, works great now!

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