Adding extension kit

i’ve added the 800mm extension kit. what do i need to do to make lightburn go the whole way?

If I recall, when I upgraded my S9 to the extended frame all I had to do was specify the new frame size in the setup wizard - essentially created a new profile the same way you would if you were to install a new laser head

As @OzarkChris stated you can ‘edit’ the devices profile when you click on ‘device’ from the laser window and modify the original size that Lightburn uses as your work space.

Most grbl machines have registers in the controller that specify the work area…

$130 - $132 is work area size… $132 is for the Z axes.

You should be able to modify these “Edit → Machine Settings” expand the output control, I think…

I don’t know if your machine saves them or not… Might have to repeat the settings if your machine doesn’t want to cooperate…

Good luck


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