Adding Fiber License to existing DSP Co2 license I got when I purchased my Thunder laser

I bought a fiber laser and a separate computer to run it. Each laser has their own dedicated computer now. I have an active Lightburn license key for my co2, I got when I purchased my Thunder laser. My question is should I buy a new license for the fiber so it can be installed on the fiber computer? OR is it an option to pay 90.00 have the fiber portion on one computer and the co2 portion on another computer?

Katie, I had same issue. Purchase LightBurn from Sienci Labs for my LongMill MK2 Laser. Lightburn site shows you can run on two computers and can move the license if needed from one computer to another. I did need to register my purchase for Lightburn with them since they didn’t know about the product purchase from Sienci Labs, easy to do, just send LB Support an email with your name, License key, and email address. I’m considering purchasing another copy as I expand my laser usage, but for now, the two-copy limit works fine.

Just an FYI, you can e-mail LightBurn support, and they will add a 3rd seat to your license for free. If you need additional seats beyond that, you can purchase additional seats for a cheaper price then buying another whole license as well.

Hi Katie,

Please reach out to with your license key and we can add a third seat to it for you. Then all you’ll need to do is buy the Galvo upgrade for your key from here: LightBurn Software - Add Galvo devices to existing license key

Thank you, this was very helpful.

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