Adding holes and/or editing traced images

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I am still exploring LightBurn and a lot of its functions. I do have a question about editing tracec images. I have imported a .jpeg, traced it and have done some editing of the image to make a cut file of many seperate parts. Of the parts I have edited thus far…I want to add some alignment holes, slots, etc. I have tried using the ellipse tool for holes, but not sure how I can align the holes in the seperate parts. I am not sure if I can have this ability within LightBurn.

If someone knows a way or function that I can use to add alignment holes…I will be extremely grateful of any assistance.

Thanks very much in advance…!!


Here is how I can do that.

I have three different shapes on red, black and blue level. I make my “hole” on green level. Line up the three solid layers where they need to be.

Put the “hole” on the stack and make several duplicates CTRl+D
Select the top green “hole”, press CTRL+select the red object. Then use the WELD command

Repeat as above for every layer

You now have alignment holes for your project

That’s how I do it, too.

I sent an email as well…but I will also reply here.

I will certainly give this a try and see how I make out with it all. Thanks very much James for the insight…!! Very much appreciated…!!

Cheers mate,

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